Photography – Oculus, the 4 billion $ worth fishbone

The Oculus World Trade Center-11


A photo-reportage today on the blog…  It has been criticized a lot. The new World Trade Center transit hub opened last Thursday. It was about time, knowing that the Oculus was supposed to be finished in 2009! It took 12 years rather than the five projected and 4 billion dollars to rebuilt the train station, demolished during the 9/11 terrorist attack. The project was supposed to cost 2 billion dollars, no wonder it was called a boondoggle. The WTC transportation hub becomes the most expensive train station in the world! It’s far from complete though. Not one store is open yet in the more-than-200,000-square-foot mall called Westfield, nor the link to the 11 nearby subway lines, including a passageway to the MTA’s nearby Fulton Center. The parts under construction will open in phases.

The building, designed by the Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava, is  unique, with a wing-like rib structure meant to resemble a bird taking flight. Like a Phoenix rising from the ashes. The 330-foot retractable skylight will be open on days accompanied by nice weather, as well as annually on 9/11. One World Trade Center is visible through the skylight.

I wanted to visit it quickly to show you some pictures here. It’s very white, it’s massive, impressive, but let’s face it, 4 billion dollars for a giant fishbone, isn’t it a bit too much?

Did you go see it? What did you think?


The Oculus World Trade Center-4

The Oculus World Trade Center-7

The Oculus World Trade Center-9

The Oculus World Trade Center-6

The Oculus WTC


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