My ten commandments to shopping in NYC

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Showers always give me food for thoughts. Yesterday, during my evening shower, I was thinking about post ideas and I realized I never talk about shopping here, which is yet one of my weekly monthly activities. (If you are a man and you like shopping, don’t run away, you may find interest in my advice). Before I share with you my favorite stores in NYC, I thought it was a good idea to remind you the 10 commandments of a serial-shopper in NYC:


  1. Confortable shoes, you shall wear. Because you might have to walk miles.
  2. 5th Avenue, Herald Square and Broadway, on Saturday afternoon, you shall avoid. Keep in mind that stores are open 7 days a week until late.
  3. Full price, you shall not pay. Why spend $150 for a shirt at JCrew when it’s going to be at 50% off a week later?
  4. Your store credit card, you shall not forget. This Holy Grail could give you extra 10% discount. Or 20%. On the 50% original discount.
  5. To the sale corner, straight you shall go. Don’t get distracted bu the new collection. There is always a sale corner in the back.
  6. Your shopping strategy you shall build. Very important to avoid to get lost. And get home with 4 new moisturizers (all 4 are different, I swear), 2 dresses, 3 sweaters and a hairdryer that also straighten and curl your hair. And of course, the latest Apple product. I’ve experienced it, believe me.
  7. Lines at the fitting rooms, you shall avoid. Don’t waist time waiting when you can try at home and return everything that doesn’t fit.
  8. Overalls, you shall not wear. Not convenient at all when you try on clothes. You know, it’s such a pain to take it off!
  9. European brands, you shall not buy. It’s so expensive here!
  10. You bank account, you shall watch. It’s the consumer paradise here, so listen to your reason. Do you really need that Xth pair of sneakers and that dress? 😉


You’re ready to shop! Next step, giving you my favorite shopping places. See you!


10 commandements du shopping


And by the way, there is nothing in the bags, in case you wonder 😉

I’m wearing a Claudie Pierlot coat I shopped on sale in Paris ,  Anniel boots (similar here) and the Brigitte bag by Nat & Nin currently at 40% off on their website (shipping to the US).



From New York, With Love,

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  1. Hihi Super cet article.
    Je reviens justement d’une séance shopping ce midi (j’ai essayé de traquer les dernieres soldes) et justement je me suis fait la réflexion : quelles chaussures choisirent pour pouvoir marcher longtemps tout en étant confort et stylée 😉 ben j’ai beau en avoir un paquet, a part mes stan smith et gazelle, j’ai pas trop d’idées. (et oui je pense déjà à ce que je vais emmener quand je vais venir à NY en avril, non non je ne suis pas folle)

    • Je suis comme toi Émilie, je finis toujours par porter mes Stan Smith ou à la limite des bottines plates 😊 j’ai craqué sur des New Balance récemment, pas mal aussi 😁

      • Mais justement je compte en acheter à NY pour moi et mes fils. Si tu as une adresse pour les trouver à pas trop cher je suis preneuse 😉 je me rappelle en avoir déjà acheté une paire là bas il y a une douzaine d’années …. souvenir souvenir 🙂

        • Je les ai commandées sur le site New Balance car le modèle n’existait pas en magasin. La boutique New Balance est sur 5th avenue et 20th st. mais je trouve que le choix y est assez limité…

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